Welcome to Mindclouds – bringing mindfulness into the workplace.

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of living with more clarity, focus, creativity, kindness and compassion in a frantic world.

It’s a way of being in the ‘here and now’, enabling us to connect with ourselves and others so we can make better choices and decisions.

It helps us achieve our goals more easily and feel more in control when dealing with our many commitments.

The 'busyness' of our interconnected world often distracts us from what's most important. It's easy to find yourself swept away by a tide of thoughts, worries and pressures. Practising mindfulness gives you a way to press 'pause' - a way to step back and reset your thinking, feelings and behaviour and return to the task with more clarity, focus and effectiveness.

Our aim is to show you how to do this.

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Our courses

Introduction to Mindfulness - A taster session for people who have no experience of mindfulness. Read More

Eight-week Mindfulness Course – For everyone! To do this course, you must have attended an Introduction to Mindfulness workshop. We run open courses for professionals as well as in-house courses. Read More

Explorations into Mindfulness - For organisations who want to extend mindfulness practice and apply in specific areas  Read More

Mindfulness Masterclasses - 90-minute group sessions based on a work theme. Learn more about how to use mindfulness in your working life. Read More

Mindful Leadership Summit – A time to reset, discover, refresh and lead from a different perspective. Read More

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The benefits

The benefits of mindfulness are huge and have been widely recorded. Mindfulness helps us to:

  • make better decisions;
  • have a stronger sense of self;
  • build better relationships;
  • connect and empathise with other people;
  • handle multiple commitments without feeling under pressure; and
  • have clarity and focus.

We are more motivated, energised, positive, confident and resilient, choosing to respond to situations rather than simply react. We're in touch with the world around us and more able to lead a healthy life. With greater resilience we feel more in control, see challenges as opportunity and have greater commitment. All of this helps us feel more balanced, less stressed and able to achieve more – at work and in our personal lives.


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