What is mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of living with more clarity, focus, creativity, kindness and compassion in a frantic world. It is a way of being in the ‘here and now’, enabling us to connect with ourselves and others so we can make better choices and decisions. It helps us achieve our goals more easily and feel more in control when dealing with our many commitments.

The 'busyness' of our interconnected world often distracts us from what's most important. It's easy to find yourself swept away by a tide of thoughts, worries and pressures. Practising mindfulness gives you a way to press 'pause' - a way to step back and reset your thinking, feelings and behaviour and return to the task with more clarity, focus and effectiveness.

How does mindfulness work?

It helps us reconnect. Our pace of life is faster than ever. We live hurried lives, and our minds are focusing on the next task before we have even left the meeting room. We are connected with each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week through smartphones, tablets, computers and social media, yet we have never felt more disconnected from ourselves and each other.

It keeps us in the here and now. Most of us spend our time thinking about the past or the future, and only a fraction of your mind is in the present. How many times have you eaten your lunch at work while reading your emails or writing a report and not even noticed the taste of the food? Perhaps you’ve found yourself distracted in one meeting by thinking about the next meeting you need to be at. Even when you have every intention of focusing on the discussion taking place, your thoughts can wander off into the past or future.

It keeps us healthy and balanced. Our minds are powerful computers that store vast quantities of information. Many of us go through the day opening one ‘file’ after another and never closing them down. If you do that to a computer, it slows down and eventually crashes. Replacing the hard drive could be costly. In people, overload leads to imbalance and anxiety. Practising mindfulness helps you to do better housekeeping – noticing open files, managing your responses rather than reacting on autopilot, and creating space to make decisions, be creative and connect. The result? Many of our clients report that profound transformations take place in their lives.

It gives us the room we need to progress. Whether you’re an experienced leader or a recent graduate, keeping your mind healthy will allow you to make the most of your talents, skills and abilities to advance professionally. Getting rid of all the ‘noise’ means you have space to focus on what’s really important – at work and in the rest of your life.

We run open and in-house courses that teach you how to practise mindfulness at work. Please visit our courses pages to find out more.

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