Comments from people who have attended our mindfulness courses

“I have grown as a person and I wanted to do that. It is the most powerful and worthwhile learning you can give yourself.”

“It has helped me to worry less, laugh more often and given me a simple way to enjoy life more, to live life more deeply.”

“The course has helped me to take stock of my life and live more in the moment. It has made me realise that by changing my ways (being more mindful) I can change everybody I interact with."

How important has the course been to you?

“Increasingly so as it has progressed – as the benefits I have felt from the learning and practice have developed”

“Very! It has broken my cycle of living without being present.”

“I am calmer and happier. My children seem so much more agreeable! I enjoy life more and feel more on top of things. I don’t panic or get stressed as easily any more, which is lovely.”

“Mindfulness is an amazing tool. It will help to reduce stress. I've even found that it has had a calming effect on my whole body, reducing tension and improving my digestion."

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