mindfulness masterclasses

Mindfulness at Work Masterclasses

Who is this course for?

These masterclasses are for people who have experience of mindfulness and are looking to apply the practice in specific areas and to maintain their practice in a group setting.

Prior attendance on an eight-week mindfulness course or a mindful leadership summit is essential.

How is it structured?

Each two and a half hours’ group session is based on a work theme. Examples of themes are: Time Management; Performance Management; Managing Transitions; Stress Management as well as Mindfulness Practice in general.

The sessions are interactive and draw on the experiences of the group enabling time for paying attention on purpose, in the moment, on specific topics. With an experienced teacher, the understanding of how to apply mindfulness in work is deepened.

How is the course taught?

These sessions are practical, energising, fun and informative.

You will receive daily email prompts for four weeks encouraging you to embody mindfulness throughout your day. Each masterclass aims to give you a good working knowledge of effective techniques that can give you a competitive edge and enhance your well-being.


For in-house sessions we will work with your organisation to focus on topics that meet your requirements. These Master classes are an excellent way of providing on going support to your people post the eight week programme. Please contact us for more details.

Open courses will also be scheduled. For details of these, please keep an eye on our course schedules.


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