Mindclouds Go Live!

Mindclouds Go Live!

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Welcome to Mindclouds!Jon Kabat-Zinn, the molecular biologist and Professor of Medicine Emeritus University of Massachusetts Medical School who first introduced Mindfulness-Based Interventions, has compared mindfulness to jogging. Back in the seventies, the latter was regarded as an unusual form of exercise practised by a few people; now it is recognised and promoted as an easy and effective exercise used by millions across the world with great benefits to personal health. Mindfulness could play a similair part as a popular, effective way for people to keep their mind healthy. 

This week a report by the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group, Yes,mindfulness is in Parliament, has called for mindfulness to be embraced by all and has outlined recommendations for how businesses, health, education and criminal justice system can do that.

We at Mindclouds are proviliged to be able to play a small part in bringing the practice of Mindfulness to people in business and helping to make a difference, one person at a time.

Take a look at our website, come to a taster session or book onto a course to find out more.

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