Christmas Moments

Christmas Moments.

December - this month is a great opportunity for practicing mindfulness every day. Advent calenders provide a moment to really be in the moment as each day you take time to taste that chocolate or appreciate that gift that is waiting for you.

This morning I took my time to savour my Hotel Chocolate Advent Calendar's Dark Chocolate Snowman shape. Looking at the shine of the chocolate and those dark shades. the way that the shadows fall on the sculpting and the curves; the feel of the chocolate in my palm and the smoothness of the surface; the aroma as I held it to my nose and it triggered my anticipation of that first taste as I started to salivate. That moment when I popped it into my mouth and held it on my tongue for a few seconds before caving into the temptation to take that first slow bite and then let it melt in my mouth. And the slow transition as I swallow and allow the chocolate to coat the inside of my throat. Finally that lovely warm, lingering sensation of having enjoyed a quality chocolate.

Now I am ready to work. The invitation this month is to find your mindful moments in christmas themes.


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