Walking helps build resilience


We work in collaboration with Professor Marc Jones the professor of stress and emotion at Staffordshire University in bringing the benefits of resilience into organisations. In this Youtube Clip Marc shares with us his work on how the environment can build resilience and reduce stress. If you would like to know more about how mindfulness can benefit your organisation Marc and our mindfulness team can arrange to deliver an inspiring in house introductory talk to you

Taking Time To Discover



Waking up to a clear blue sky and a crispy morning I decided that I would ease into the day. Typically my autopilot is to grab a coffee and breakfast after a morning meditation, and enter my office. Today iIchoose to take my Labradoodle, Harley, for a nice walk to the park. Half way through our walk I popped into Costa for a take away coffee and bumped into a friend that I had not seen for a while. We caught up and make arrangements to set a date for a Ladies night out. Continuing on the walk I spotted a neighbour with his dog. Normally I just nod and say hello as we pass each other on the street where we live. Today I stopped to talk and I discovered what a lovely person this man was. I had assumed his dog to be very old but actually she was 10 years old and full of fun! We meandered around the park on the way home and Harley enjoyed a chase with a beautiful Weimaraner. What a great start to the day. Take time this month to press pause, connect with what you want to do and do it!

Finding the Hum

For everyone who has lost their "hum" you need to listen to Shonda Rhimes Ted Talk and how she got her Hum back. Play is what fuels the hum, Shonda talks about this. Let me know your thoughts and whether this resonates with you too. In this era of exponential change we need to remember and to find that hum.

Mindful Leadership


Jeffery Walker's article on Mindful Leaders is both insightful and informative. Recently articles have been published warning of the dangers of practising mindfulness. I do not disagree with some of their views, there is danger in anything in life that is mis used or mis understood. Would you run a marathon without following a training plan that enabled you to build up the miles and run injury free? Mindfulness is not a sprint it is a marathon. Sometimes its blissful, sometimes the practise brings up your demons so it is important to build the muscles ( metaphorically) that will enable success. At www.mindclouds.co.uk we provide training to enable the safe and effective practice of mindfulness.

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