Mindful Hacks No. 2

Get at least 15 minutes of movement outdoors, preferably in nature. failing that, chnage your routine, move away from your desk, alter position. Even changing which hand operates yoru mouse will enliven you.

Mindful Hacks



If you are needing more energy today an excellent exercise is to look at a clock and count how many breaths you take per minute.

You should aim for eight breaths per minute.


Practice slowing down. Try to keep your mouth closed as you inhale and exhale through your nostrils.


After eight breaths, observe how you feel.


What do you notice about your energy, body, thoughts?

The Pause Tool

This week I am in the Alps at the invitation of Sally-Anne Airey, a friend, fellow mindfulness teacher, executive coach and incredible leader. I will be saying more about Sally-Anne's retreats over the coming months and the collaboration between mindclouds and Alps Coaching in this space. Sally-Anne has a very powerful tool to remind us to think and create space in the moment, The Pause Tool I hope you enjoy the article as much as I did.

Explorations Into Mindfulness

Kick start 2017 with a 4 week taster of Mindfulness.

To book email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Starts January 22nd, one hour a week for 4 weeks. Booking deadline extended. Boo



One thing that we can be certain about in 2016 is that we live in a world of volatility; uncertainty; complexity and ambiguity. if your still recovering from the shock waves of Brexit - no matter which way you cast your vote - we will need to also learn how to surf the waves of the Presidential elections. When there is change in our lives we have a part of our brain whose job it is to look out for us and make sure we are safe. It does this by scanning for past experiences and looking ahead for possible future dangers. The trouble is that all this replaying and pre playing constantly alerts us to dangers that have passed or don't even exist in this current moment. And here's the thing - our bodies react in the same way that they would do to a real danger, releasing stress hormones to prepare us to fight or flight. Its like being on alert 24/7 and that's exhausting. So mindfulness trains the mind to pay attention to those things that we need to pay attention to, when we want to and the benefits are enormous. Come along to an Introduction to Mindfulness workshop in West Bridgford on Dec 4th and find out what Mindfulness is and is'nt. You can register here Intro to Mindfulness
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