An Unplugged Space

Last week Sally-Anne Airey ( Alps Retreats) and I led a 5 day retreat in the beautiful Alps. We all lead busy lifes and ones often full of complexities. To have the time to slow down for a few days, nourish our bodies with healthy food, become aware of our inner chatter, listen, let go and fully arrive in the place that we are in, both in time and space, is very important. I came across this youtube clip this morning and it is so acutely true, sadly. The fact that it has over 50 million views shows how it resonates with people. Often on retreats the use of digital devices is forbidden. We didn't set that as a rule on the Alps Retreat, there was no need to as the expereince was strong enough to want to be present. Our next Jumping Off retreat is in September and I look forward to supporting a new group in actively being in the moment in order to respond with greater clarity and authenticity. For more information visit Alps Retreats website.

Book Launch

April 20th was the official launch of our book "The Mindful Approach to Working Life". Thank you to Nottingham Trent University's Enabling Innovation team for providing the venue and for supporting us. You can buy the book from  Enjoy weaving "being " with "doing"


Mindfulness 6 week programme

6 Week Mindfulness programme:

This Spring discover how mindfulness can help you to find the space to relax; be more focussed on what you need to do; enhance your health and well being; bring balance into your life; improve relationships and more...

This programme consists of 90 minute sessions, once a week for 6 weeks starting April 23rd 2017.

Workbook and audio resources provided

The venue is Roko Health Club, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7RN

Time: 4:00-5:30pm

Price: £150 for Non Roko Members; £135 if a Roko member

Place limited to 10 on first come basis

Booking essential

Regain that spring in your step

To Book contact Carroll 0115 846 2146 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info

Mindfulness at Work

In 2016, the Mindfulness Initiative, the policy institute that grew out of a programme of mindfulness teaching in the UK Parliament, set up a working group of individuals from private sector organisations to advocate the recommendations of the Mindful Nation UK report and help address the challenges companies faced in building the business case for mindfulness.

This free report was developed by that group, which includes members from major employers like BT, EY, GE, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover, supported by a panel of leading mindfulness trainers and academics with the aim to help organisations at all stages of the mindfulness journey - from those seeking to pilot mindfulness and assess the potential benefits, to those with well-established programmes who are ready to roll out mindfulness globally and embed a mindful approach into their culture.

These member organisations share, in person their experiences at Mind & Matter 2017, the mindfulness at work conference, next Thursday 27th & 28th April in London.  

To access the report, you can download it directly from the Mindfulness Initiative website here:

The Mindful Approach to Working Life has just been published as a handbook to help managers be mindful in their work. You can buy it from


Mindfulness Apps


Weve been exploring the range of Mindfulness Apps that are out there. Apps are a great way of introducing variety into your practice. Take a look at the article from the Guardian on their evaluation of the best Apps around.

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