the benefits

The benefits of mindfulness

Why do FTSE 500 organisations offer mindfulness training to their employees?

Mindfulness teaches employees how to focus on the here and now. This helps them concentrate better, engage more with tasks and think more creatively. They make better decisions, are more effective leaders and are more productive.

A great deal has been published about mindfulness recently. Its importance for mental health and wellbeing has been established in several reports, including the Mindful Nation UK Report by the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group and the Government's Foresight report, Mental Capital and Wellbeing.

How will mindfulness help my organisation?

As a result of these benefits, businesses have found that:

  • sickness costs go down;
  • there is less ‘presenteeism’ (that is, when employees are physically at work, but their minds are somewhere else);
  • employee resilience increases;
  • relationships improve; and
  • there’s more energy, positivity and a greater sense of well-being.

Why is mindfulness good for business?

More companies are beginning to see the ability to calm the mind and be in the here and now as essential to their business. Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Asana and Facebook, and his Asana co-founder, Justin Rosenstein, have gone so far as to say that ‘companies who are not mindful lose their way, lose their best people, become complacent, and stop innovating’.

How will mindfulness help me?

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a leader in your organisation, mindfulness practice will teach you to:

  • pay attention in the moment; and
  • recognise and regulate your feelings, thoughts and behaviours, even in the most stressful situations.

This will help you respond better, become more aware of your impact on others, and observe and participate in the here and now.

With practice, you will find you:

  • worry less and feel calmer;
  • feel more in control of how you respond to other people and difficult situations;
  • are more able to focus on your tasks; and
  • become more effective at leading others.

We run open and in-house courses that teach you how to practise mindfulness at work. Please visit our courses pages to find out more.

Research on the benefits of Mindfulness shows that regular daily practice over an eight week period makes a significant difference in peoples attitudes, behaviours, helath and well being. 

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