An Unplugged Space

Last week Sally-Anne Airey ( Alps Retreats) and I led a 5 day retreat in the beautiful Alps. We all lead busy lifes and ones often full of complexities. To have the time to slow down for a few days, nourish our bodies with healthy food, become aware of our inner chatter, listen, let go and fully arrive in the place that we are in, both in time and space, is very important. I came across this youtube clip this morning and it is so acutely true, sadly. The fact that it has over 50 million views shows how it resonates with people. Often on retreats the use of digital devices is forbidden. We didn't set that as a rule on the Alps Retreat, there was no need to as the expereince was strong enough to want to be present. Our next Jumping Off retreat is in September and I look forward to supporting a new group in actively being in the moment in order to respond with greater clarity and authenticity. For more information visit Alps Retreats website.

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