About Mindclouds

Mindclouds aims to help people be their best at work and in life.

We are part of CM2 Consulting, a leadership development organisation that works to enhance the capability and effectiveness of managers and leaders.

Through our training as psychotherapists and coaches, we know that behavioural change is possible. Leopards can change their spots.

A great deal has been published about mindfulness recently. Its importance for mental health and wellbeing has been established in several reports, including the Mindful Nation UK Report by the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group and the Government's Foresight report, Mental Capital and Wellbeing.

Our approach to mindfulness enables professionals to develop a practice that works for them. We teach them how to use this practice at work to create an environment where people react purposefully and are more resilient - enhancing wellbeing, engagement and achievements. Our book "The Mindful Approach to Working Life" is a handbook for using mindfulness in a range of work based situations from email management; preparing to deliver presentations; performance reviews, amongst many more. It is available from www.themindfulapproach.com and now on Amazon.co.uk

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Want to listen to mindfulness meditations? Join us here

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