About the teachers

Our lead teachers are Carroll Macey and Caroline Suggett. Both are experienced people development consultants with a passion for developing individuals one to one and in groups – facilitating them in living the lives they want for themselves.  With over  23 years experience both have worked with corporates and sme businesses developing and supporting their leaders.

With an intuitive sense for people, they have trained in counselling, executive coaching, advanced communications and are mindfulness teachers, trained at the world recognised Centre for Mindfulness, Bangor University and The Oxford Centre for Mindfulness specialising in mindfulness in the work place. Their programmes follow the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction syllabus (MBSR). Mindclouds is committed to being part of sharing mindfulness as a personal development tool to enable an individual’s authentic self to emerge; helping unlock  potential, enhance  performance and being better able to manage  energy levels and wellbeing throughout their careers.


Carroll Macey

IMG 1334Carroll Macey trained as a psychotherapist while holding board-level positions in her career in sales. Her interest in developing people’s potential led to her running clinics in Wiltshire and London before developing her career as a people-development consultant working with FTSE 100 and public-sector organisations in the UK and EMEA.

Carroll is an experienced development consultant, life coach, executive coach and mindfulness teacher. She believes that mindfulness can help bring balance into people’s lives when they lose their sense of self and lack the skills to navigate their way back. She also believes that success is a state of mind, with mindfulness being a key ingredient.

With an extensive track record of enabling people to realise their full potential in all areas of their lives, Carroll’s workshops are fun, down to earth and support people to achieve their goals.




Catherine Midgley

Catherine Midgley is an engaging coach, workshop leader, mindfulness practitioner and teacher. Combining experience with expertise, Catherine uses creative approaches to facilitate individuals and groups to work more thoughtfully and effectively to achieve higher levels of performance at work and build increased personal and professional fulfilment. Trained in Workplace Mindfulness Training (Workplace MT), Catherine works with clients to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives. Her approach is to enable leaders to learn from the past, be mindful in the present and plan and create a positive future.

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