9.9 million working days lost

imagesHT98SAWPA total of 9.9 million working days were lost due to stress in 2014/15, according to the Health and Safety Executive. Despite this, many businesses often operate a ‘fire-fighting’ approach to the management of stress at work, and only consider the importance of occupational health once stress affects an employee. However, a proactive approach can eliminate stress altogether; improving the wellbeing of employees and also boosting their productivity and efficiency. 

Ahead of National Stress Awareness Day (4 November), Dr Philip McCrea, MD of BHSF Occupational Health, is urging businesses to be more positive in their approach to occupational health and the management of stress. Mindfulness programmes can make a big difference to raising peoples awareness of how to manage stress. Talk to us, take a look at our website for details on how we can support you and your business.
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